IMTC Privacy Statement.

Basic Information: When you join or renew your membership of IMTC you need to provide some basic information (name, postal address and email address where available) so that the Club can:

  • Send your copies of Tourider, either paper or email at your choice
  • Send the Club handbook (paper only)
  • Otherwise inform you about club events generally, such as regional meets
  • Send potential or signed-up event participants additional information about that particular event.
  • Send membership renewal reminders.

The Club will keep this information only until the next membership renewal. The Club doesn’t share this information with any other organisations.

If the Club needs to ask you for financial (eg. Bank account) details to send you money, those details will be deleted as soon as the transaction has been made.

Handbook: The Club also publishes a handbook to help Club members to contact each other. This supports Club rule No. 2 which is: ‘The objects of the Club are social in nature and concerned with such matters as arranging companions for trips abroad, the interchange of information, experience and generally to assist foreign touring among motorcyclists’

For each member the handbook can contain name, address, email, home and mobile phone numbers and the year you joined the Club, but only if you tick the boxes on your joining or renewal form that allows each of these to be included. If you don’t even want to give phone numbers or when you joined to the Club on the form, that’s up to you.

Due to the information contained in the handbooks, the Club expects members to dispose of old handbooks promptly and carefully, but the Club can’t guarantee that every individual member will always do this. Once the handbook or indeed Tourider has been issued it belongs to the member, not to the Club anymore. Please keep that in mind when deciding what information, if any, you are happy to be included in the handbook.