Club Profile

The object of the Club is to promote and encourage foreign touring by motorcycle.
The club’s main focus is the three or four tours organised each summer, known to club members as ‘Partitours’.
Partitours are organised by members, for members, and are non-profit making. They are normally ten day tours, including 10 to 20 members and led by an experienced club member. Often individual Partitour members will extend their tour by adding additional days to suit themselves, either to experience new places, visit favourite old haunts or simply to make a more leisurely start or finish to their holiday.
Some members prefer to arrange their own tours with small groups of friends, or to travel on their own. Information, experience and support from other members for independent touring is available and a key benefit of membership. The club holds lists for recommended hotels, campsites etc. across Europe and further afield.
Currently the club has overseas representatives in Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal and the USA, who can also assist if members wish to tour one of these countries.
There is a full social calendar which is based on the club’s regions and groups:   East Midlands, Midlands, London & Southern, Northern, East of England. Each region has up to two representatives who help to organise monthly club nights, ride outs and other social events. They are also usually involved in the organisation of, what to many members is, the second most popular club activity, ‘club weekends’. These weekends include five regional dinners during the winter, a national annual dinner in March and spring/summer bank holiday weekends.
In recent years there have been three club camping weekends arranged each summer by individual members.
The monthly magazine ‘Tourider’ keeps members informed of social events. It also has articles and touring tips from members.