Becoming a member

How to join us!

If you'd like to come along to our meetings, if you enjoy our activities, or simply want to meet new people:

Please download our I.M.T.C. Membership Form so we can register your details.

We'll be delighted to meet you!

I.M.T.C. Membership Form
Application Form 10.19.docx
Microsoft Word document [38.3 KB]

Our membership year runs from 1st Nov till 31st October the following year.

If you are thinking of joining part way through a year, here's how it works

New members joining on or after 1st Feb will get up until the end of the following membership year (a total of up to 21 months membership) for their first year’s subs.


New members joining before 1st Feb will get up to the end of the current membership year (a total of at least 9 months membership) for their first year’s membership subs.

Any previous member who has let their membership lapse then renews after 1st Feb only gets the current membership year.