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Membership Renewal - Single or Joint?

Well I never - it’s membership renewal time again.

For a good few years now, it’s been the official club approach that anybody attending a club event - whether rider, pillion, by car, train, Shanks’ Pony or Tardis - has to be a club member. It’s a requirement that perhaps hasn’t been very rigorously applied in the past, but the guidelines for event organisers have recently been updated to clarify this, so you should expect it to be more firmly adhered to in future. There’s always been a waiver for the first event or three (Partitours excluded) for potential members or newly attending partners, and this will stay - but it is indeed only for those new to club events.

So if you’re an established member of the club and thinking that you and your spouse or partner might like to sign up for something in 2020, please ensure that you opt for joint membership when you do your renewal. If you don’t, then you might find that one of you doesn’t get a place - and that’s never going to be a good result for domestic harmony.

Bob Cocksedge

General Election 2019

MAG is advising its members to get involved in the forthcoming General Election.

They have five questions to put before your CPC (Constituency Parliamentary Candidate).

The responses if reported back, will form a broad picture, establishing where parties and candidates stand.

MAG will publicise the known answers.


1) Do you support motorcycling as a cheap, quick and clean mode of transport?


2) Are you for or against the banning of all petrol engine vehicles by a certain date and if so, what is that date?


3) Will you support motorbikes in bus lanes, as is the case in large parts of the country?


4) Will you meet with the Motorcycle Action Group to hear our concerns about local issues?


5) Will you oppose the closing of streets for pedestrian and cycling use only?


Please send any replies to mag@imtc.org.uk

Check out motoring laws and regulations here before you set out.

What can the I.M.T.C. offer you:

The I.M.T.C. is one of the oldest and most experienced motorcycle touring club in the world.

 No matter what age, experience, ability or bike you may have, there is always a warm welcome for like minded people to join our club.


  Partitours are organised by members, for members, and are non-profit making. They are normally 1 to 2 week tours, including 10 to 20 members and led by an experienced club member. Often individual Partitour members will extend their tour by adding additional days to suit themselves, either to experience new places, visit favourite old haunts or simply to make a more leisurely start or finish to their holiday. 

Regional Meets & Ride outs

 There is a good social calendar which is based on the club’s regions and groups:

Midlands & Wales, East Midlands, London & Southern, Northern, and East of England,  

Each region has up to two representatives who help to organise monthly club nights, summer ride outs or other social events.  

National Events

 The second most popular club activity, ‘club weekends’. These weekends include regional dinners during the winter, a national annual dinner in March and spring/summer Bank holiday weekends. There is also a well attended weekend in October over Friday and Saturday nights.

In recent years there have been occasional club camping weekends.


The I.M.T.C. bi-monthly magazine ‘Tourider’ keeps members informed of social events. It also has articles and touring tips from members.

The Club for the sociable touring motorcyclist.